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Many applicants have questions and concerns when it comes to payday loans and installment loans. Anytime you want to take out an online loan, you must do your homework! While cash advance loans and installment loans serve a purpose, they can also cause you significant problems. Be sure to explore the resources listed below about payday lending and financial issues in general. We’ve tried to gear these links to California residents. But the info will be good for any consumer seeking more lending information.

These resources are geared for local residents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from living in another state. California has different and often stronger lending rules compared to other states. For instance, interest rates are limited to 36% for most loans in CA. But, the general information in these articles will be the same. As time passes, we’ll add more links to this page so you can make an informed decision about essential financial needs. Also, be sure to use the financial tools listed below. As you work out your budget and finances, these tools may show how much an online loan will cost!


Payday Lending Resources for Consumers in California

Are you looking for tips on how to find the best lender in your neighborhood? If so, we have good news for you. We recently updated our Top 10 list for finding payday loan companies near you. Check out our top tips before applying for a payday loan!

Another topic we recently covered involved how much money you should borrow when seeking a payday loan in California. It’s not always an easy decision when you have to choose between how much money you need and how much money you want! Click the following link for more information on how much money you should borrow from a local payday loan company!

Is there a difference between short term lending options in CA? Do you know the difference between a cash advance and a payday loan? Are these types of payday loans even different at all? In this article, we discuss how and why these types of financing are different and when it makes sense to move forward with one or the other.

Do we know how many companies offer online payday loans in California? Have you ever stopped to think about how many companies offer installment loans and payday loans in California? This question comes up often, and people’s guesses range from very low to high! Getting a straight answer to this question is not always easy, as many companies come and go based on state regulations.

An article detailing recent payday loan legislation in California – A few years ago, CA tried to pass sweeping changes to regulate the California payday loan industry. This article explains what the regulations would have done to finance lenders and why they didn’t pass. The article touches on these laws being put forward in the future.

Consumer Federation of America comments on companies that provide payday loans in California – This article shows comments submitted to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB is a Government entity that regulates online loans. They also have a hand in regulating car title loan companies. It presents alternative views and gives feedback from industry insiders. You also look at consumers who may have had a payday loan once.

Tips To Find The Best Short Term Personal Loan Company on A Budget – With this article, you can better grasp methods and strategies to find the short-term lenders in the Golden State. Learn why comparing interest rates and payoff times and if your lender will assess a prepayment penalty are essential.

California Appellate Court confirms tribal immunity – Article that breaks down a recent appellate court ruling on tribal payday loan sovereignty. It says tribes have immunity against state regulators regarding their own business.

Will a lender take me to court for a past due loan – Have you ever wondered if a lender can sue you for missing payments on an unsecured loan? Many people default on payday advance loans. While a company can take you to court under certain circumstances, a payday lender will likely only threaten you with this action, and you have certain legal protections if they ever take you to court.


Payday loan resources to know


Keep checking back for more updates to this page. As we work through 2024, we expect a few changes that will affect California payday loan companies. Expect changes to both online and offline lenders. Changes will occur nationally, but there will also be some state-specific changes. Some of the large lenders in California may change their loan offerings. We recommend monitoring how many online payday loan lenders are listed in our database. As these changes are discussed and/or implemented, we will post as many links and articles as possible. Also, we will have updates and links posted about current regulatory updates. These regulations may change the industry by capping interest rates and loan fees. We hope to post a link to the minutes or notes from those legislative debate sessions. Stay tuned!