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Let us help you find a payday loan company in California!

Our goal at California Payday Loans is to list all the large payday & installment lenders that offer online loans in California. As we all know, finding a reputable payday loan or installment loan company is time-consuming and frustrating—hundreds of websites on the internet claim to be actual cash advance lenders. Many of them don’t even offer short term loans. Most payday loan websites are not lenders and will bog you down and waste your time. The companies behind these websites are consumer loan matching services. They will collect your personal information and sell it to several companies. Many of these are firms that you never applied to in the first place. You waste your time and have no control over where your personal information ends up.

At California Payday Loans, we identify and list the largest companies offering online installment and payday loans in California. We’re trying to find and document as many non-direct lenders as possible. We also update changes to lender regulations and rules for payday loans in California.


How do we compare and rate different payday lenders

Use our list of online payday loans to find the best option for your short term financial issues. You can compare different rates and financing options for each company. On top of that, you should compare many financing methods and decide what will work best for you. For example, will a payday loan work better for you than an installment loan? Or would it be better to take out some equity from your mortgage instead of using your vehicle’s collateral for a car title loan? We offer different lending options, but you need to take the time to break down the pros and cons of each one. We intend that consumers will use this database at their discretion. Use this resource to see if a company that claims to offer California payday loans is a legitimate lender.

A few articles on our site describe the best ways to find these online payday loans. We also have details throughout our site on determining if a site is licensed as an online lender.


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Our history with payday lending in California

Remember, personal loans should only be used as an emergency lending option. These options are for someone with bad credit who has exhausted other financial resources. Personal loans generally have high interest rates and fees, and they can take months to pay back if you don’t pay more than the minimum. But, used correctly, they can fill the need of someone who needs fast cash within 24 hours. If you take out a cash advance loan, you must pay it back in full on the due date! If you let a cash advance loan roll over, you’ll pay way more in fees.

Feel free to contact us if you know of any legitimate companies in California that are not listed in our online database. We’re always looking for new online companies offering short loans to California consumers! Our directory of California payday loan companies was last updated in October of 2023. Check back often to find and compare the top short term lenders in CA!